Multifunctional furniture pieces essential for apartment living

When storage is limited, items without a home end up in piles on the floor and every other surface. Visible storage solutions like boxes, jars and baskets often add to the clutter problem and can make your space look messy.

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Green Spaces - Plants that love apartment living as much as you do

No garden area or backyard? No problem, this selection of attractive plants will be happy sharing your indoor space with you. Placing some greenery in your apartment not only adds to the aesthetics, it has also been established that plants confer positive changes in the brain’s electrical activity, muscle tension and heart activity as well as many other health benefits like cleaner air. 

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Why an apartment is the right first home purchase

Deciding to take the leap into home ownership is one that can consume a great deal of your thoughts and head space. Buying your first home used to mean purchasing a 3 bedroom house, with a backyard located in one of the fringe suburbs. But times have changed and so has the type of home that buyers are purchasing for their first investment into home ownership. 

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